What exactly is this program?
This is a program that allows you to be paid for doing very little. All you have to do is let hair wearers everywhere know that YOU sell good hair, and give them YOUR website address.  For every sale that comes through your website, you get 15% of the sale!
When do I get paid?
All Diamond Distributors get paid twice a month, on the 15th and the 30th. There are three ways to be paid:

  1. By check: If you want this option, please email your mailing address to us. Please note: The check will be mailed ON the 15th or on 30th.  If the 15th or 30th happens to fall on a Sunday, the check will be mailed the day before.
  2. By Paypal. On payday, we will transfer your earnings to you. If you’d like to sign up for paypal, go to www.paypal.com and sign up for a free account. We will also need to know the email address that you use for paypal.
  3. By Chase Quick Pay: We will need to know the phone number or email address that you use for your online banking. No account or routing numbers are necessary.
Do I have to be a hairstylist in order to become a Diamond Distributor?
No, you do not have to be a stylist, however, we think that it is best that you know the basics about hair extensions or wigs so that you can answer basic questions. If you are a promoter with lots of followers but no hair knowledge- not to worry- just have them call us with questions. We handle ALL customer sevice inquiries for you. 
Do you provide samples?
Yes we do provide samples upon request. There is a small shipping cost for delivery. We also have color and texture rings for sale for $25.00 each.
How much does your hair cost?
Our hair ranges price between $80-175 per bundle. Wigs can range anywhere between $150-$600, depending on length.
What is the longest length provided?
We can provide up to 30” of hair for a wig or bundles.
What kind of hair do you offer?
We offer all textures and origins as well as customizable hair pieces including: Body Wave, Deep Body Wave, Straight, Kinky Curly, Kinky Straight, Natural Wavy, 18mm, 10mm, Yaki relaxed, Afro and much more. Origins include: Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Chinese, Brazilian and Indian Remy.
What is your return policy?
All Sales are final. All custom orders are final, however, any alterations made to the product is at the customers own expense.
How long does it take for custom orders to arrive?
Custom wig orders usually take 3-4 weeks to complete. Adding a silk base adds an additional week the the completion date. Rush orders are also available for these type of orders and usually arrives within 3 weeks. Rush ordering cost $50, but is an excellent option for our customers who wish to receive their custom unit faster.
Do you offer any sales or rewards?
Yes! Monthly we have sales. Flyers for those sales will be placed in the CREATIVE area of the back end of your website one week before.  Also, each Distributor will have an opportunity to participate in monthly competitions amongst eachother for gift cards or other prizes.
How much does it cost to start up?
Absolutely nothing. We have created personalized cards for you that can purchase for a nominal fee, if you wish.
Is ordering complicated?
No ordering is not complicated and all pictures and prices are available via your web page.
Who will ship the orders and how long does shipping take?
Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair will ship the orders for you, just as if they were ordering directly from our store. In stock items usually take 3-4 days to reach the customer, but we would recommend advising your customers to order at least one week before their appointment.
My client wants the hair to come to me instead of her home. Can you send it to me instead or can I pick it up for her?
No. All purchases must go directly to the billing address on file. No exceptions.
I want to put a banner to my website on a friend's website or on my other website. Is that permitted?
YES! We encourage you to join affiliate programs! The more traffic to your site, the better! We have created banners for you in some of the most commonly used sizes, however, if you need a different size, simply send us an email with the measurements to: tiffanichanel@icloud.com 
How do I contact you?
For Customer Service, email us at: tiffanichanelbc@gmail.com.  For technical questions, email us at tiffanichanel@icloud.com