When moisture is not present in your hair, it has a tendency to become frizzy. This is a very common problem for people who have wavy, curly or kinky hair.

Frizzy hair is basically the result of air and humidity entering your hair’s outermost layer (cuticle).

Here are ways to tame frizzy hair while maintaining the wavy hairstyle that you’ve grown to love.

Brush Your Hair With Fingers and Water

One of the most basic and simple ways you can tame frizzy hair is by soaking your fingers in water and gently brushing your hair with it. The root cause of frizziness is lack of hydration, not oil.

You should see a noticeable result in the moisture of your hair if you are able to practice this on a daily basis.

Although this is not a complete and absolute solution, doing this can even condition your hair for the incoming boost of moisture. Flooding rigidly dry hair with supplements and minerals can have negative side effects.

To prepare for un-frizzing, start by brushing your hair with fingers and water.

Prevent Frizz By Using A Paper Towel

Another way you can tame frizzy hair is by using a paper towel. Although some would not suggest this practice, it has been proven by a lot of professional stylists who used this technique when they did not have much time to remedy frizzy hair.

Prevent frizz by using a paper towel to gently wring water from your strands post-shower.

According to Adir Abergel, Fekkai celebrity stylist. “The paper won’t create as much friction as a towel, so your hair ends up less frizzy. It also absorbs more water than a cloth towel, really speeding up your drying time,” he explains.

Use Conditioner Only Twice A Week

Hair experts will tell you that ditching your regular hair shampoo and using conditioner only at least twice a week. We get tempted to thinking that our hair needs shampoo every single day.

In reality, applying conditioner is enough for at least twice a week. This will give your hair enough room to produce its own natural oil and moisture.

For a good conditioner to start with, try the Silicon Mix Conditioner. Aside from its fragrant signature scent, this conditioner is reviewed by people as a good remedy for damaged and frizzy hair. Use this to add moisture and shine to your hair or hair replacement system.

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