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All of our Hair Systems are made with the finest materials and with 100% Remy human hair. Choose from any of our Super Fine Swiss Lace, French Lace, Thin Skin and Monofilament bases. We offer both stock and custom hair systems. Your order can be customized to your exact specifications. We offer duplication and rush priority options. Best of all, there are no monthly fees or contracts.

Stock orders can usually be shipped within a few days, so check with us about availability. Custom orders normally require 4-6 weeks to complete. Rush on custom orders require about 5 weeks.If you have any questions pertaining to the custom order, please feel free to contact us.

PAYMENTS, RETURNS & REFUNDS: Important! Please inspect your hair unit immediately upon receiving it and make sure it is as you ordered. If there are any inconsistencies between your order and your unit, do not wear, comb, brush, wet the hair, cut the lace or alter the hair in any way and within 7 days, contact us so that we may arrange an exchange. If you alter the hair unit, it may not be returned for any reason.

Custom orders are made especially for you according to your specifications one hair at a time, therefore, returns are not accepted. We recommend that you take your measurements carefully to ensure that your custom order fits correctly. We will not accept returns due to custom orders not fitting properly, or if you simply do not like the look.

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PSuper Fine Swiss (SFS) Lace is the thinnest and lightest of all bases. It is invisible against the scalp and offers the most natural hairline. It is also the most fragile. Super Fine Swiss is for seasoned wearers, as it requires delicate care. For more durability, you may wish to consider French Lace or French Lace with SFS front. SFS can be ordered with a polyurethane border (PU) around the sides and back or around the entire perimeter.

French Lace also offers an invisible hairline, but with greater durability. Although not quite as invisible as SFS, French Lace manufacture has, over the years, become nearly as invisible as SFS, while also maintaining its durability. Our French Lace is literally lighter and more invisible than most SFS on the market. Chances are it is all you need. For newer hair system clients, French Lace is an especially great choice. French Lace can be ordered with a polyurethane border (PU)around the sides and back or around the entire perimeter.

French Lace with SFS Front consists of a base of French Lace, where only the front portion is SFS Lace, joined with the French Lace base. This offers the advantages of French Lace durability with the front hairline invisibility of SFS. This base can be also be ordered with a polyurethane border (PU) around the sides and back.

Thin Skin is a polyurethane or “skin” base which gives the impression of hair growing directly out of the scalp. The Thin Skin base has two methods of hair attachment to the base: Knotted or Injected. Injected Thin Skin has no knots, as the hairs are individually injected into the base. Knotted Thin Skin has knots similar to other bases, but less visible. Our Thin Skin bases are micro-thin and second to none in the world. They create a new standard for invisibility.  Note: full caps cannot be injected, v-loop is used instead.

A ¾” Polyurethane (PU) Border around the sides and back or the full perimeter of the French Lace, Swiss Lace, or Monofilament hair systems will allow for more adhesion with glues and tapes, and also allow for easier removal and cleaning.   Some of our clients order a full perimeter PU hair system for active lifestyle activities, such as swimming, running or beach vacations.  Of course, the PU border around sides and back or full perimeter is optional when ordering any one of our Lace or Monofilament custom hair systems.    

Injected Thin Skin is a very thin polyurethane (PU) membrane with the hair individually injected without the use of any knots.  It has the appearance of the hair growing right out of the skin.  Our injected Thin Skin is micro-thin and is second to none in appearance and invisibility.




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