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  • Styrofoam Wig Mannequin

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    Face gives better idea of how styles should look Allows for styling practice 10 Inch size Lightweight The Styrofoam Head with Face is great for storage of styled wigs or hairpieces, also great for styling practice.

  • Supreme Ghost Bond

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    Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Supreme Liquid Adhesive, White, 1.3 ounces Pro Hair Labs has made their Ghost Bond line of glues the most popular water-based glues ever, and they keep improving their formula! Ghost Bond goes on white but dries clear. Like a ghost; get it? And Ghost Bond Supreme offers an even more…

  • Velvet Wig Grip

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    The 100% cotton wig grip has many benefits:

    • Serious security – secures your wig in place with no glue or tape so you don’t have to fuss with it throughout the day
    • Prevents headaches – eliminates wig-related headaches by placing a barrier between your skull and the wig’s materials, offers a snug but not tight fit
    • Adjustable design – adjustable and one size fits all with simple design so you can quickly tailor it to your preferences and head size
    • Multiple colors available – also comes in a variety of additional colors to match your wigs for discreet wear, including black and brown.Top-rated item – check out wig rip’s hundreds of customer reviews to see just how much our customers adore wig grip
    • Size(inches): 22.25 x 2.25
  • loc

    Walker Knot Sealer

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    EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR WIG OR LACE-BASED HAIRPIECE! Top-Loc Knot Sealer (4oz) helps seal and protect the sensitive knots at the base of your hair replacement system. Top-Loc Knot Sealer helps seal and protect the sensitive knots at the base of your hair replacement system. You’ll be sure to see less hair loss in…

  • Walker Leave In Conditioner

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    Walker’s Leave-In Conditioner (4 oz) is a simple way to keep your human hair extensions or wig looking and feeling its healthiest! Ever pull a brush through your hair, only to have it come away with tangled clumps of your beautiful, custom-made hair? All conditioners help make your hair more manageable, but this one is…

  • 415-g4f9nkl__aa300_

    Walker Ultra Hold Adhesive

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    Walker’s UltraHold 1/2 ozis an excellent acrylic adhesive suitable for both perimeter bonding and Full Head Bonds. Ideal adhesive for attaching lace wigs (BUT do NOT apply directly to lace). Bottle does not include a brush. 1/2 oz bottle.

  • Weave Scalp Scratcher

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  • is_weavecap

    Wig Making Cap

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    Make adjustable wigs with ease!