Holding It Down – Wig Attachment 101

We can’t count the number of times we have heard phrases like “I would wear a wig if I knew it wouldn’t fall off” or “I would wear a wig if the glue wouldn’t pull my edges out”.  Luckily, there are solutions to these and other concerns that one might have about securing a wig.

If you can associate yourself with these lines, this article is perfect for you!

Wig Attachment: Everything you need to know.

There’s a lot to learn in properly using wigs and taking care of them for the long haul. For starters, here’s everything you need to know about hair attachments:



Wig grips are very comfortable to wear and feature an adjustable Velcro closure in the back.  Wear it under any wig, scarf, or hat to keep it completely secure.

One side grips to your hair or skin, and the other side adheres to your wig or head covering.

Some Great Benefits: 

*Designed to hold your wig comfortably and securely in place.
*Relieves headaches caused by pressure from the wig.
*Prevents pressure sores and cushions pressure points.


Most of our lace wigs come with a thin built-in elastic band,. However, another heavy duty elastic band can be sewn in to the wig. This is a very secure method, however, over time the elastic will become stretched out and will need to be tightened or replaced.

Aside from this downside, elastic bands are a great way of holding your hair down.



These are available in mesh, spandex, and nylon and are best at holding the hair close to the scalp, and to help the wig adhere to the head.

Wig caps can maintain and hold down almost all kinds of hair.while keeping it close to your scalp.


You must have hair of your own to use these.
Sew into the inside of your wig and then clip into your own hair to keep your wig secure and in place.!



On top of the most used ways when it comes to wig attachments, there are also other practical ways of keeping your hair intact throughout the day. 


A double-sided tape is best to use in areas you do not have hair.
There are several different tapes that can be used. Some are for daily use, and some are for extended use.

These work best in areas where there is no hair.


Glue is best to use in areas you do not have hair.

There are several types of glue that can be used- cream based, and silicone based and are best used where there is no hair.


You must have hair of your own to use these.

Does your wig need a little bit of added security? Try lifting up some of the hair and sticking a few bobby pins straight through the wefts of the wig and into your own hair.

You can also pin around the outsides of the wig and at your temples.

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