4 Oz Virgin Peruvian Human Hair Weft Bundle


Full cuticle, Grade A+ quality. Never blended with synthetic materials. Reinforced machine weft.
Will lasts months to a year or longer if cared for properly. Hair holds curls after straightening and washing. This hair is all natural and is between 1B & 2 in color (off black-dark brown). If this color is unsuitable for you, you can have it colored as desired by a licensed professional. Please note- the wavy hair is measured when pulled straight. When ordering, please account for shrinkage (the amount of length lost when in curly state). Each package is about 4 ounces. It generally takes 8 ounces for a full install, if installing longer than 16 inches you may need additional bundles to achieve desired fullness.

Single Drawn Hair has shorter hair pieces within the weft. This is the most natural looking, because most people have hairs of different lengths all over their heads.

Double Drawn Hair is a technique all done by hand where the longer and shorter lengths of hair are pulled from the bundle. This results in a weft that is as full at the bottom as it is on the top.