Rice Water: Is It Really Effective on Your Hair?

If you are asking if using rice water on your hair is effective, our simple answer would be “maybe.”

Most of the people in Southeast Asia like Japan, Vietnam, The Philippines have been using rice water to treat their hair for a very long time already.  But is using rice water really going to give you the beauty and softness that you need for your hair? Let’s find out.

First of all, what is rice water? Rice water is a starchy kind of water that is usually left over after the rice is cooked or is left to soak. It is believed by many that this water can make your hair smooth, soft, and more manageable.

Why did we say that rice water “maybe” is effective? It is because it is believed that rice water contains vitamins and minerals like amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, and antioxidants that may give you benefits like easily detangling your hair, making your hair smoother, increases its shine, making the hair stronger, and making the hair grow longer. 

Was there a study about it? It was found out by researchers like the one in Japan who developed an imaging strategy to which they saw the strengthening effect of inositol on the hair. Inositol can be found on rice water. 

As of now, the real benefits of using rice water on the hair are still under study. Since more research and tests are needed to be made to make it worthy or be proven to be really effective it is better to just observe and see the latest updates about this trend or idea.

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