Silk Base Closure: What Is It, and What Are Its Advantages and Disadvantages?

Ever wonder what a silk base closure is? As the name implies, a silk closure is a square of fabric that hair is hand-tied into, giving the illusion of a scalp. Silk base closures can be sewn into wigs, or, can be sewn onto the wearer’s natural braids, and can blend into sewn-in hair extensions.  A silk base closure is the most natural-looking hair closure that you will encounter. There is even no need for you to bleach the knots before it is installed

What are the Pros and Cons of Having Silk Base Closure?

If you are looking for the advantages and disadvantages of using silk base closure before making a decision, here are some of them:


  • It has a longer lifespan since it is thicker.
  • Silk closures don’t need any type of bleaching.
  • Having a silk base makes the closure blend well with the scalp, giving you a more natural look.


  • You need to dye the silk base if you happen to have a much deeper skin color.
  • Since it is thicker, it takes special crafting to make it lay flat on the scalp once installed.
  • It is difficult to scratch an itch due to the thickness of the fabric.
  • As the hair grows, the closure shifts, revealing the hair underneath or giving the hairpiece a “wiggy” look.

Overall, wearing a silk closure gives you a natural-looking hairstyle and could be very handy if extra thickness and volume are wanted, or if you just want a new style, color, or texture. To know more about silk base closure, wigs, and other hair extensions, please do visit our website today at


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