What Are the Things That You Need to Know About Micro Links and Fusion Hair Extensions?

Making your hair more beautiful by it giving additional volume, style, or choosing a new color for it,  can give you more confidence.

And as for hair extensions, pre-tipped hair can allow more artistry and can discreetly achieve the look that you need or want for your hair, and this is where Micro Links and Fusion comes in. 

What are these, and what are their differences? Let’s find out.

Let’s go first to Micro Links. Micro Link Hair Extensions are also known as micro bead or loop hair. This is usually done by looping the hair extension strand by strand with the assistance of tiny plastic rings, that usually match your natural hair color. 

Micro Links are installed by threading your natural hair through each ring, and then the rings are slowly tightened together with the hair extension. The micro link fitting time varies, and is depending upon the length and fullness that you want but are remarkable for the woman who is always on the go because they are easy to apply and remove. 

The good thing about this technique is that the micro link hair extensions do not need any heat, preventing any damage to your natural hair. Also, most micro link extensions usually last for about three months.

And now for Fusion, or also known as hot fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions, these usually are versatile style options and a much better or discreet way to enhance your look. 

The word “Fusion” means that the hair extension is pre-tipped with a keratin adhesive and then applied by using a hot hair extension iron.

The heat coming from the hair extension iron is very low, less than that of a flat iron. This iron is only in contact with your hair for a few seconds to make sure it won’t damage it. 

The point of attachment for the hair extension is small, making them invisible, which will give you the confidence to put on any kind of style. 

Putting fusion hair extensions can take several hours, but with the help of keratin, this will make it very strong, making your hair look gorgeous for several months. 

But please remember that fusion hair extensions do require professional removal, to maintain the health of your hair.

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