What Kind of Maintenance Should I Do With My Sewn-in Extensions?

What Kind of Maintenance Should I Do With My Sewn-in Extensions?

What is a “Sew In”? Generally, sewn-in hair extensions (also known as a Sew-In) are installed by braiding the natural hair in cornrows, and the wefts of hair are woven into the braided hair with special thread and styled to any desired style.

Sewn-in extensions provide versatility in installation methods, styling, color, volume, length and texture. The combined cost to purchase quality hair and have it professionally installed is costly, and often exceeds the cost of a wig, therefore, if you’d like them to last for more than one installation (Which can last several months), it is important to properly care for them.  Here are some tips to assist you in caring for your sewn-in extensions.

  1. Detangle your hair carefully before shampooing. When detangling your hair, use a Denman brush, wig brush, or a loop brush. Loop brushes are created especially for extensions and have loop bristles. Comb your hair gently and slowly starting from the ends, and work your way up. Avoid creating tension on your natural root.
  2. Use a sulfate-free shampoo when shampooing your hair.
  3. Condition your hair using a conditioner. Do not apply too much conditioner as the oil in the conditioner can loosen the grip where the extension merges.
  4. Dry your hair properly: When you have a sewn-in hair extension, it is better to dry it properly and totally, otherwise, damp hair can cause mildew, 
  5. When styling, it is best to use protection before you heat and style your hair. Keep the temperature low to prevent scorching. 

What do you think of these tips? Do you have other tips that we do not have listed?  If so, post them in the comments. If you want to learn more about wigs and hair extensions, do visit our website at www.tiffanichanel.com.


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